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Through my practice in dance and music, with movement and sound I am searching for a coexistence, where the relationship between these disciplines is equal. My interest is to exchange perspectives, principals and tools between the two forms to see how they communicate with and through each other. In a performance my aim is to find them so intertwined that their distinct entities become secondary and they transcend the conventional audiovisual experience.
I am fascinated by the knowledge dance provides: an understanding of time and space, and the sensitivity and connectedness to and through the body. I believe this knowledge offers us (performer and observer) new shades of perception and communication.
Throughout my career music has been naturally accompanying dance in the working process and performance, often to highlight a chosen theme. As a dancer working with the properties of music (rhythm, dynamics, harmonies etc) i have an increased interest to look at the musical idiom not as an aid or merely a tool to support the performance, but as an equal force offering exchange.

I wish to find a togetherness. Such as we are in different bodies, yet our core, our life force is self-same.